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Warnings For Your Protection

About Make

  • Some certificates will record that the polish or symmetry of the diamond is VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT. That doesn't mean that the rest of the stone is!
  • Just because a diamond comes with a certificate DOES NOT always mean that the stone is of high quality. With some other Certification Programs, it can just mean that the stone is a diamond. The certificate should always be available to view before purchase.

About Clarity

  • Over the last few years an extra SI grade has sneaked into the market place. It is the SI3. It has been introduced to help sell the better I1 stones. To protect our clients, AUSCERT does not accept the SI3 grade.

About Colour

  • All registered valuers will tell you that it is impossible to grade a diamond's true colour once set into a ring. So remember, if a store tries to tell you that the stone is a certain colour while it's set - make sure the sales person can prove that it was graded in its unset condition.

About Weight

  • Even though diamond weight can be estimated by measurement, it is after all only a rough calculation. Ideally it should be determined by weighing it unset. That one point of difference between a 99 pointer and 1.00 carat diamond may translate into you spending hundreds of extra dollars.

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