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Diamond Certifications In General

Diamond certificates are not a new thing; in fact if you have already started your search for a diamond ring you may very well have come across several different types. There was a time when a diamond certificate could be trusted to confirm exactly what it was representing. Unfortunately, it has been widely observed over the last few years that some companies have succumbed to both economic and external pressures. Sadly, they have lowered their standards to facilitate profits.

A diamond's MAKE and COLOUR grading has become a matter of science with the introduction of the Cut Analyser and Colourimeter. However, with many purchasers now demanding improved Makes (cuts), certain grading institutes seem to have relaxed their Clarity grading standards, as this still has some capacity for subjectivity.

Very Important!

Do not be mistaken! A certificate does not mean that a diamond has a pedigree. Sadly, nowadays it can just mean that the diamond has a certificate that proves it is a diamond. That's not a lot of help to you!

Many of the most currently available certificates do not certify Make. They may state that a diamond is very good or excellent, but this generally refers to the polish or symmetry of the stone being very good or excellent.

The absence of the Make information on most existing certificates has been a source of much confusion for purchasers. Many companies' parameter fields for Make are so broad that almost any diamond can be classed as EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD or GOOD - regardless of how indifferent the quality may really be.

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