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Diamond Certificates
and Diamond Valuations

Unfortunately, Diamond Certificates and Diamond Valuations are often confused as being the same thing, but Certifications and Valuations have distinctly different purposes.

A diamond certificate only gives the technical merits of the diamond. A valuation gives a monetary value on the complete piece of jewellery.

The Diamond Certificate's purpose is to ensure that you are purchasing a diamond of a particular quality, and NOT one of inferior quality, or a diamond imitation. All Diamond Certificates should be available to view before any purchase. Ideally it will record and grade all the four C's. Regrettably, many certificates do not record "Make". The amount of information and degree of detail will vary with each certificate. Generally speaking the more information the better. In fact, the certificate should not state a dollar value - but some do.

The Valuation's purpose is to provide a current retail dollar value. An Independent State Registered Valuer should supply the valuation. It is not recommended that you take a valuation from the vendor from whom you just purchased the item. Instead, ask them to supply an independent or third party valuation for the piece.

The valuation confirms that a diamond has been purchased and should include a brief description of any mount (if supplied). It should supply colour, clarity, weight and shape details of the diamond but is not required to state quality or Make. Usually a valuation is supplied only after the sale. Any store will be happy to supply this service.

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