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About Auscert

Buying An
Auscert Certified Diamond

All diamonds available within the Australian marketplace are purchased overseas by Diamond Brokers or Merchants. They purchase either pre-certified diamonds (GIA, HRD etc ) or what we like to call 'naked' or uncertified stones. These diamonds can then be certified domestically. This is the purpose of Auscert.

Generally before the diamonds are released to the trade for sale they are sent for grading. The diamonds are processed by Auscert, returned and then released for sale.

Many jewellery stores will purchase diamonds for stock or they will contact the brokers for special orders when requested by a client.

It is here, that you can insist and ask for an Auscert Diamond. As the trust and popularity of the company has grown within the industry the availability of the Auscert has increased dramatically.

Every store in Australia should now be able to show you an Auscert diamond. If they are having problems, tell them to call us direct and we will advise them.

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