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Auscert Difference

Be Sure With Auscert

We are tough graders. Our top grades are very strict and we are proud of it. We want you to be safe in the knowledge that any stones you are selling or buying with Auscert Ideal or Excellent grades are just that: stones that are examples of perfection in workmanship and quality. Stones that rank in the world's top percentages should carry premium price over regular commercial product.

Now, not all stones are premium goods and there are many cheaper commercial goods that are available, but it's very difficult to explain the price difference between the two if the certificates don't show the whole picture, or if they grade both stones as Very Good.

Our Clarity and Colour grading is fair and constant. A stone that was VS2 ten years ago is still a VS2. If we were to bow down and widen our parameters to allow more commercial goods to pass as premium goods, or push clarity and colour grades, then we would just be like everyone else.

We have designed our certificate as a buying tool just as much as it is a selling aid. We are currently working with local merchants to set up an exclusive program called the "Half and Half", that should eliminate these problems and help share certification costs.

In Closing

We understand that some people may disagree with the concept of Auscert and the Auscert grading system. Everyone is allowed their opinion - including us! We have designed this product to remove the uncertainty in buying diamonds. Our promise is to grade correctly, with honesty and integrity on your behalf.

Many people have told us that our parameters are too strict to be commercially viable and that our clarity and colour grading doesn't reflect the current grading trends. Nevertheless we have successfully mixed the traditional tried and tested grading methods with the very latest computerised equipment, making the Auscert Certificate one of the strictest in the world.

We have spent a considerable amount of time and money establishing Auscert and the Auscert Certificate and recently were awarded a Government grant for Business Development, one of only seven companies from a field of over 140.

We understand that for the Auscert certificate to work, consumers must request it. In the beginning we approached many merchants with our product. Of course some rejected it, many sat on the fence (to see what happened) and the brave few supported us from the beginning.

It is nearly four years since the birth of the AUSCERT certificate. We are delighted to report that almost all of the fence sitters are now happily using and promoting AUSCERT. We believe this speaks volumes; it took us a little while but we are now firmly entrenched and highly regarded within the Australian diamond industry. All the local merchants know who and where we are.

Don't be afraid to insist upon an Auscert Certificate: - It's your local and independent Diamond Certificate.

Our goal has been two fold - firstly to the consumer: It is our job to protect, advise and help minimise confusion. Secondly, to aid retailers and merchants sell more and better diamonds with honestly and integrity. If we can clear up all the grey areas between the two - everyone will benefit.

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