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Auscert Difference

The Auscert Difference

Auscert is completely independent. We do not manufacture, are not affiliated with any manfacturer (cutter) of diamonds, nor are we brokers of diamonds, and we therefore have no interest in grading loosely to boost profits.

Unlike the overseas certificates available to the Australian diamond-buying public, Auscert is not a faceless unapproachable conglomerate with little care or concern for its end customer in a far off land. If you have a problem or even a question with an overseas certificate, where and to whom would you contact?

With Auscert you have the comfort and assurance that we are right here on your doorstep. Approachable and answerable to the very people we are grading diamonds for.

3 Facts That Make Auscert Unique

1) We are the only lab that does NOT certify
poorly cut diamonds (Certificates are not issued for Stones falling below our "Good" greade)

2) We have one of the world's
strictest grading parameters

3) We are the only lab that openly
advertises it's proportions on both
its certificates and literature.

Note: All information is provided in good faith and accurate at time of writing.

So what does all this mean? It means you can have full faith in an Auscert certified diamond, and you can compare apples with apples knowing our grading system. No other certification labs that we know of are doing this.

The following may get a little technical.
But please continue and you will understand
why you can be sure with Auscert

We meticulously analyse every diamond's MAKE using the latest generation of diamond laser proportion instruments. Working to our very strict and demanding parameters, the diamond is then placed it into one of the FOUR following categories:

  • GOOD

Unlike every other certification company that will grade and produce certification for any diamond presented, Auscert refuses to issue certificates to stones that fall below a certain standard. Auscert's aim is to produce certificates for only the better stones in the marketplace purely "FOR DIAMONDS OF DISTINCTION"

Taking measurements from five critical areas on the diamond, Auscert use a strict formula of angles and percentages to gauge MAKE (All measurements angles and percentages are shown on the certificate and below ) If the stone fails on any one of the five criteria, it is automatically dropped into the lower category.

Furthermore a separate grade is given for symmetry, polish and fluorescence - if shown. Any other observations are noted in a special "comments" box.

Every stone is then graded for Colour against our Diamond colour masters stones and using a Colourimeter. Clarity grading and the plotting of the stone is done under 10x magnification. A diamond plot is then generated for every stone. A plot is a unique map showing all the internal and external flaws of the stone. No two diamonds are ever the same.

Understanding Make

major areas that are used when gauging the make of a diamond

Above are the major areas that are used when gauging the make of a diamond.

The diameter of the stone is given as the 100% and all but the crown and pavilion angle are measured in relation to this measurement.

Example: If the stone is 6mm wide with a 60% table and 63% total depth, the table would measure 3.6mm and the measurement from table to culet would be 3.78mm.

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