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About Auscert

About Auscert

In 1980 we established an independent organisation in Australia called Scientific Gem Testing Laboratories (SGTL for short), where you can obtain an AUSCERT Diamond Certificate. This Diamond Certificate will give you the information you need to reassure you that you're making the perfect diamond purchase.

We are neither a manufacturer (cutter) of diamonds, broker of diamonds, nor a diamond company promising you the world's best diamonds for the cheapest prices. Instead, we act for you as an independent third party with the expertise to assess your diamond and give you the confidence of knowing that your diamond purchase is the correct one. Don't second guess your diamond purchase; make sure it comes with an Auscert diamond certificate.

Over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of wholesale and retail jewellery, valuation and gold smithing has yielded the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to establish AUSCERT.

The directors still maintain their individual businesses (jewellery designer, coloured stone merchant and valuations) which ensures access to the grass-roots of the industry and enables them to respond dynamically to the wants and needs of both the trade and the diamond-buying public. This has been key in guiding the direction and growth of SGTL, enabling it to provide leadership and world's-best practice in service of all parties.  More...

Quote from Anthony Bates - Auscert Director:

"At the very beginning we experienced - lets call it 'resistance' - from within the trade. People told us that we were too strict to be commercially viable. We even had one trades-person complain that we were too correct! Maybe they just didn't understand (or maybe they did) that the AUSCERT certificate is produced for the buyer of the diamond rather than the seller."

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